Saturday, July 16, 2011

DAY 2 & 3

Michael Kouly sits in silence during his lecture "Understanding Authority"

Michael makes his point by taking his shoes off and putting his feet up

Takhmina challenges Michael's authority by smoking during the lecture

Basa provides comic relief to the crowd.

Sadiqa displays superb leadership skills by sharing a solution to the lecture's authoritative vigo discussion.

Meade greets presenter Bilal Kaafarani.

Participants are intrigued by Bilal's lecture on innovation.

Shamammet listens intently.

The topic at hand greatly interests Alina.

Tamar contemplates what she hears.

Daler is curious about the discussion.

Gulnara prepares to collaborate.

Breakout Group 5 engages in discussion.

Michael uses Sherzod for a demonstration.

Michael continues to involve the participants in his presentation.

Michael continues to amaze everyone with his elevating lecture.

Azamat is taken by the presentation.

Orkhan and Aleksandr look suspicious of Michael Kouly's lecture.

Participants present during the Myers-Briggs activity.

Brian and Vafa enjoy working together.

President's Dinner

Smile! You're at the President's Dinner!

The president of Koc University chats with CELA participants

Participants from Central Asia arrange in a group photo while wearing their native garb.

Caucasus - Say "cheese!"

CELA staff gets together and enjoy the evening

Participants from Azerbaijan entertain by performing their native song.

Georgians graciously present a gift to the President of Koc University, Umran Inan, showing their appreciation.

American facilitators also show their appreciation to the President.

Representatives of Tajikistan give Michael a token of their appreciation.

 CELA 8 celebrates by dancing the night away!


  1. Good job, Zara! Lovely pics!

  2. Great pictures ! made me miss our MELA days . Good luck to all !!